Racks and Shelving For Clothing and Materials

If you just moved into your first apartment and have no furniture yet, for sure you want a modern comfortable alternative to your new place; if simply you do not have any closet, there are ways for you to save money and build something at home. With a few items from the second-hand store or home repairs, you’re on your way to a storage system organized and attractive for clothing.

Shelves with old drawers

Make lovely old shelves with drawers that did not work well. The drawers will be redirected to give their openings facing the room and hang to the floor. You can cover the whole unfinished wooden drawers with modern wall paper. Build a horizontal wooden platform in each drawer so that each has two surfaces on which to store clothes. Hang them on the walls wherever you have space.

Bar and screen

Install a metal rod locker in the bedroom. At one end must be fastened directly to a wall and at the other end on a support made of finished wood. The foot stand can be decorated with carvings. Alternatively, show the beauty of nature varnishing a large piece of beach wood, placing its lower end on a base and connecting the other end with the bar top. Use a screen to hide the disheveled appearance of hanging clothes from the rest of the room.

Boxes and rope

Tie plastic crates stacked with pieces of string as a quick and inexpensive solution for a room without shelves for clothing or footwear. Tied boxes have added stability. It allows you to stack the boxes high, saving floor space without worrying about falling or sliding. However, a tower of boxes can be somewhat unattractive. The best option is to make one as big as you need and then cabinet boxes when you have more time to sew fabric linings for everyone. Fabric linings must include fabric strips sewn outside corners that may be tied to secure the drawers coatings. A large decorative piece of fabric can be put on the sides and top of the structure of the boxes, completely hiding them.

Clothing organizer

Hold a series of hangers along a wall; you can paint them to match with the room or with a contrasting color; you can make pipes or branches of the forest with brass hooks. Use every hook for hanging clothes one day. If you use hangers with clips, you’ll hang any clothing that has dabbler, even jeans. You will see that not only saves time in the morning, but also prevents clothes from wrinkling. Faster and tricky version: hang a two-by-four inch (5 to 10 cm) piece of wood horizontally on a wall and then hammer long nails and bronze hooks to hang your clothes on hanger’s nails.